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On Behalf of Centreville Endodontics and Capitol Endodontics, we are extending a warm invitation to you for our September 27th, 2019 پاییز کنفرانس. The conference is AGD-PACE approved and will provide 8 hours of CE credit. The conference will be held at Maggiano’s Little Italy in McLean, Virginia from 8:00 am to 4:30 ساعت. We are very excited about the event and are looking forward to seeing you there!

سقوط دستور کار کنفرانس

September 27th, 2019    8:00 صبح. – 4:30 P.M.

محل: Maggiano’s Little Italy

2001 International Drive

مک لین, VA 22102

8 ساعت AGD PACE تایید اعتبار CE

2019 Fall Speaker Bios

Work Smarter, Execute Faster & Lead a Balanced Life

Steve McClatchy- Alleer Consulting  

Steve McClatchy is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and author of the New YorkTimesBestseller Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress & Lead by Example. Steve has spoken before thousands of audiences on the topics of leadership, performance, personal growth, and work/life engagement. His client list includes the NFL, Google, Pfizer, Microsoft, Disney, NBC Universal, Accenture, John Deere, Under ArmourWells Fargo and Campbell’s Soup. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard and Wharton. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, Fox News, NBC’s Today Show and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Investor’s Business Daily. Steve’s passion is for continual improvement and believes that when we stop learning, gaining experience and achieving goals we stop living. Steve is best known for his passion, sense of humor and energetic personality. You will be captivated, motivated and truly inspired by his unique and practical approach to effectiveness and success.

The WHY,  HOW, و WHAT of Cosmetic Dentistry

Peter Rinaldi, DMD, AAACD

دکتر. Rinaldi has been emphasizing cosmetic dentistry in his practice for over 25 years. Starting out as a family practitioner, he was introduced to cosmetic dentistry by his mentor, Dr William K Mopper in 1992. With the quick growth of porcelain veneers, he was given the opportunity to begin his career as a teacher and innovator in smile design. Having placed over 30,000 veneers in the past 25 سال ها, has seen all the ups and downs of creating beautiful smiles. Dr Rinaldi has had the opportunity to work and learn from many of the top ceramists in the country. He has been an advisor to dental companies, written numerous articles on cosmetic techniques and protocols, and has taught and lectured to hundreds of dentists around the world.

No More Headaches: Tips to Manage Your Insurance Process

Teresa Duncan- Odyssey Management

Teresa is a speaker and writer with over 20 years experience in healthcare. Her areas of expertise include proven accounts receivable and insurance methods; and helping doctors and managers establish solid management systems. A recipient of the Educator of the Year Award by the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliariesa component of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, she understands the importance of continuing education. She is the author of Moving Your Patients to Yes: Easy Insurance Conversations and an annual contributing author to the ADA’s CDT Companion Guide since 2017. Teresa is a frequent contributor to The ObserverThe Progressive Dentist and Dr. Bicuspid publications. She served as a founding Trustee for the auxiliary-learning focused DALE Foundation. Teresa is a member of the National Association of Dental Plans and the National Speakers Association. She has been named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report Magazine and is recognized yearly as a Leader in Consulting by Dentistry Today. Teresa received her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management from Marymount University.

Can Molar Teeth with Vertical Root Fracture be Saved? A Look into the Outcome of Root Amputation

اما نصرت, DDS, خانم, MDS

دکتر. علی نصرت DDS و MDS خود را در اندودنتیکس از دانشگاه تهران علوم پزشکی دریافت. دکتر. نصرت هیئت مدیره تایید شده توسط هیئت آمریکایی از اندودنتیکس. او پاره وقت استادیار بالینی در دانشگاه مریلند مدرسه دندانپزشکی است. او استاد سابق وزارت اندودنتیکس دانشکده دندانپزشکی رفسنجان در ایران و عضو مرکز ایرانی تحقیقات ریشه است (ICER). دکتر. نصرت یکی از اعضای فعال انجمن آمریکایی اندودنتیکس است و در کمیته بازسازی کننده اندودنتیکس از AAE خدمت. دکتر. نصرت به عنوان یک اندودنتیست در تهران به مدت چهار سال تمرین و قبل از آمدن به ایالات متحده صدور گواهینامه هیئت مدیره در اندودنتیکس به دست آورده. دکتر. نصرت سپس دوم آموزش اقامت ریشه خود و کارشناس ارشد زیست شناسی دهان و دندان از دانشگاه مریلند در بالتیمور تکمیل. او یادبود جایزه تونی مایکل پونتی از دانشگاه مریلند دریافت, است که به یکی از ارائه فارغ التحصیل ارشد برای برتری در اندودنتیکس بالینی. تا کنون, دکتر. نصرت بیست و پنج مقاله های علمی منتشر کرده است و نشریات خود را بیش از ذکر شده است 650 بار.

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