एक वीडियो परिचय


At Capitol Endodontics, we have treated numerous patients with severe dental anxiety/ dental phobia. Intravenous sedation is certainly a feasible option for these patients. We provide this option with our anesthesiologist, and it is usually successful. हालाँकि, there are disadvantages in some specific situations-

1. If multiple teeth are involved, often the expense is prohibitive. In these cases the patient treats the one that hurts and leaves the rest, which means they will be back sometime soon, with the same level of phobia and same need for sedation. It’s a vicious cycle.
2. Even if a single tooth is involved, it may not be amenable to treating in a single session.
3. If we force single session treatment, there is a risk of flare-up, that may have to be managed on emergency basis without sedation.
4. When pain level and anxiety level are both high, the patient has to suffer through the pain until the anesthesiologist is available.
5. The general dentist still has to restore the tooth with a crown, possibly also under sedation. Some phobic patients will not get the tooth restored, which can lead to re-infection, and ultimately the tooth may need to be extracted.
For these reasons, we have established a partnership with a behavioral medicine practice- Washington Behavioral Medicine Associate, LLC. 
We have worked with one of their psychologists to develop a specific protocol for personalized treatment of patients with dental phobia. The protocol can be viewed here
This treatment can be performed concurrently with endodontic treatment. Patients will most likely require 3-7 sessions. Some sessions may be virtual. We have negotiated fees of $85/session, when treatment is done by graduate students under the supervision of licensed clinicians. Please print the flyer here and bring it with you to your appointment.